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Raúl Carrillo - Director

Our "boss". He sees everything, hears everything and knows everything. Nothing escapes what happens at the hotel. Work, perseverance and commitment, are the keys to your success, and everything you carry out has a single objective, that you feel at home!

Yolanda Palma - Receptionist

Part of the human team for a long time, professional and concerned that our clients feel good. He has always been passionate about traveling for what he knows how to put himself in the visitor's shoes from the first moment.

Rahuel Lopez - Head of reception

Young and dynamic. It exudes sympathy with the client, his recommendations on the city especially for the younger audience are indispensable.

David Macias - Receptionist

It exudes joy and positivity. With a very close relationship to the client, always recommending a visit to the most interesting places in the city, tapas bars and leisure area. Wide knowledge of new technologies that also puts at the service of our customers. With a sense of humor and good conversationalist.

Antonio Acebes - Waiter

Their experience and trajectory in the house speak for themselves. He is part of the team from the very beginning, so he has had the opportunity not only to attend with great care to many of our clients and friends but also to experience the evolution of our city as a tourist destination. Lover of the walks by the mountain Granadina, surely it will be able to suggest some interesting route to him.

Benito Pérez - Waiter

Professional with extensive experience has long since made the service spirit of our house his. Positivity and good work, on the other hand, will never receive a NO for an answer.

Marcelo Jiménez - Waiter

To say that he is also a great professional with experience but to emphasize especially that he likes to learn every day through the experience of serving our clients. Elegant, moderate and discreet

Rafael Castillo - Maintenance worker

Responsible for the maintenance of our brand new facilities. Tireless and always attentive to everything running smoothly so that our customers feel comfortable. Lover of the engine but also of nature.

Paqui Hispán - Governor

It is the true architect that cleaning is the most valued by you. Incredibly hardworking and retailer, and that you can appreciate as soon as you enter our rooms. She is part of our Core and it is something we are very proud of!


Although he has not been with us for a long time, he is already a fundamental part of the team. Young and dynamic, it shows an exquisite deal with the client. His hobbies, sports and cinema have passed for the moment in the background since the recent birth of his little

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